To equip underserved youth and their families with the leadership and advocacy skills needed to strengthen and sustain the community in which they live. To promote peace, unity and social justice by modeling cooperation and advancing educational and economic opportunity. Through positive transformation, we work to instill hope in our youth by engaging them in creating solutions to our community’s problems.


“Invest in your future, support our youth”


Raza Studies Now

Join the Raza Studies Now panel this Friday, August 25th from 6-9pm at PYFC: 715 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. A powerful panel of educators, activists and cultural leaders will discuss the future of ethnic studies in public schools, black-brown solidarity and indigenous and spiritual connections in the struggle for social, racial, environmental and economic justice. The panelists are leaders in important social movements in our community that will impact the future of human relations in Los Angeles and beyond. We invite all educators, activists, community organizers and youth workers and anyone interested in building a stronger movement to address institutionalized racism through Xicana/o and ethnic studies.

When: Friday, August 25th, 6pm to 9pm.

Location: 715 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vazaquez and PYFC CEO Oscar de la Torre launch the Digital Dream Pathways Campaign which promotes music, film, and technology advancement for underserved youth in Santa Monica and the Greater West Los Angeles Area.

Featuring our newest PYFC intern, Stephanie from Santa Monica College, she majors in Journalism and Communications. Stephanie plans to transfer to USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism with the goal of becoming a News Broadcaster! We feel Stephanie is well on her way to achieving her goal!


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