Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Meeting

Come join us every Tuesday, from 4:30pm-6:30pm at Pico Youth and Family.

This week we will continue the conversation on “Know Your Rights’ with a focus on “Safety and Justice” and Artist Activism #Artivism as we create collaborative posts, design by the and have meaningful in depth conversations about trauma in our communities as a result of racial profiling and violations of our rights.

Last week we shared memories, good and not so good, and why most black and brown folks have deep reservations when interacting with the police, we wrote down some ideas and revisited painful experiences with Officer Nony. She has heard our message and reached out to her peers in Law Enforcement and inivited a few of them to conversation join us this week, in hopes that we can start to build healthier and safer communities, through love and mutual respect.

Next steps, we will focus on the healing and move to a more solution oriented conversation. So that the needs of our community can be heard and understood by all, especially Law Enforcement.

We will speak with local “Compassionate Cops” who are interested in protecting and serving our community and all the citzens that make it up. Together we are stronger!

Please join us as we produce ART that matters. Moving the conversation from pen and paper to paintbrush and canvess on an 8ft tall yard post, creating a beautiful and honest “visual conversations” with professional skilled artists and the PYFC family.

After all four of the collaborative peace posts are completed they will be on display at PYFC and then travel throughout the country as a teachable tool for other communities to bear witness to the work that is being done by the PYFC Compassionate ARTS Youth Leadership Council. So again, please get involved, we encourage you to share your thoughts and skills and “heal a nation” in the process. The time is now to make way for a better tomorrow.