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The music program consists of daily classes and hands-on training that cover the basics of recording arts, music production, and engineering.

Through a series of workshops and hands-on studio sessions, youth learn music production and recording techniques using state of the art digital equipment.

The Music Program is one of our pioneer programs, and now an anchor to the Digital Dream Pathways. We are innovators in youth services due to the fact that we opened the first public recording studio in the City of Santa Monica’s history. Inspired by the success of our music program, other youth services in Santa Monica, started to incorporate recording studios in their service models.

One of the main components that make the PYFC unique is the creation of our annual compilation album; all created by youth from beat to lyric. All the concepts and topics that we cover are what we like to call “socially conscious music”. It allows the youth to have a platform to tackle social issues, current events, and personal strife. We believe through the recording arts we are creating the future leaders and musicians of tomorrow.

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