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The Pico Youth & Family Center has served the Santa Monica community for over 19 years, helping our city’s youth find a strong path to their future.

In that time the center and it’s students, staff, sponsors, volunteers, and visitors, have made the PYFC a vital part of Santa Monica’s ongoing commitment to education and opportunity for all it’s residents.

Community Impact

A quick glimpse of 16 exemplary contributions PYFC has made to the lives of youth and families.



For the PYFC, success is personal. And so there is no better measure of our impact than what the people we’ve worked with have to say about it. View our video and written testimonials to better understand what we do and why.



Our community center is a vital, positive, and creative place. One of the best ways to get a sense of that is through photos we’ve taken over the years.



For those interested in a more formal assessment, we suggest reviewing one of our Year End Program Reports and a Report on Major Accomplishments.

Year End Report 2014 (PDF)
Major Accomplishments 2014 (PDF)