Social Justice and Mindfulness Summer Camp for Kids 2023

The 5th Annual Social Justice & Mindfulness Summer Camp (SJM Camp) is a 4-week experience that brings kids (ages 8 to 13) together for a transformational, empowering and a fun environment to learn and practice their power in creating a better world where we treat each other with dignity and respect.

Through Project-based Learning, Interactive Technology, Film & Music training, dialogue circles, field trips, Yoga and Meditation, we provide students with the tools to be mindful of their power as creators and as change agents for social justice. Students will find their voice as leaders and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to create a better world.

The SJM Camp uses a project-based learning approach where teamwork and collaboration are essential for success. Participants are provided with a series of trainings and workshops that prepare them to use the power of technology to create messages, videos, podcasts and songs to showcase their learning projects.

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