Social Justice and Mindfulness Summer Camp for Kids


The Social Justice & Mindfulness Summer Camp will bring kids together to learn and experience their power in creating a better world where we treat each other with dignity and respect. Through interactive activities, technology, dialogues and field trips, we will provide kids with the tools to be mindful of their power as creators and as change agents for social justice. Participants will find their voice as leaders to begin to shape a better future.


Yoga & Meditation

Students will learn strategies to help them navigate their world. They will practice yoga and movement. Through interactive exercises and activities students will learn and put into practice mindfulness and self-awareness.

Social Justice

Students will get an overview of the past and present social justice movements. They will learn how to become change agents in their community by learning the importance of relationship building. Through art, music and technology they will create a mini-campaigns to promote their issue and exercise their voice as change agents.


Students will learn the basics of music and video production as part of their “mini campaigns” creation. They will learn how to apply their message via art, music or visual media.

Dialogue Circles

Students will participate in daily dialogue circles that will teach active listening, withholding assumptions and empathy building to develop understanding of diverse perspectives. The dialogues bring students together to explore their social identities and promote respectful communication and self-reflection.

Field Trips

Students will participate in 4 field trips that will take place on Fridays starting July 13th. The field trips will include a beach day, museums and visiting parks. Students will be required to take a bag lunch to the field trip.

Enrollment Information

Youth attending the summer camp must be between the age of 8yrs to 13yrs. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, enroll today!


The summer camp provides two options for youth to participate. We offer a morning session from 8:30am to 12:30pm or a full day session from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Tuition for the morning session is $550 per child for the entire 4 weeks. Tuition for the All-Day session is $800 per child for the entire 4 weeks. No student will be allowed to attend the summer camp without full payment. Tuition fees will cover materials, morning and afternoon snacks. Students will be required to bring their lunch.